Metroid: Other M – Killed In Action

I can’t really avoid it anymore, can I? The time has finally come.

Alas, we must end the March of Metroid on a low note. The lowest note of the whole series. Because as great as the Metroid series is, not even it survived the shot in the foot that is Metroid: Other M. Abandon all hope, ye who play this game, for it is bad. Unspeakably bad.

Get ready. You’re in for a long ride.


Objections? Ehhhh, I’ve got a few maybe…

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Metroid Fusion – All Good Things

This is a very special episode of March of Metroid. We’re taking a look at the fourth game in the series, which, along with Metroid Prime, were the very first Metroid games I ever played. I had got them both together one fateful Christmas. They weren’t even on my Christmas list, but somehow, my parents must have known that these were a pair of games that would become very important to me. It is thanks to Metroid Prime, and this game, Metroid Fusion, that we’re even having this March of Metroid.

Metroid Fusion_02

Also known as Metroid IV.

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Super Metroid – Magnum Opus

Week three of the March of Metroid means that, you guessed it, we’re taking a look at the third game in the series. Released on the Super Nintendo in 1994, it is considered by many to be the crowning achievement of the series, and as you’ll see, it’s hard not to blame them. Featuring just about every mechanic the series has ever had, polished to a mirror sheen, it’s time to take a look at the masterpiece that is Super Metroid.


They could’ve just called it Metroid III. And they sort of did, I guess.

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Metroid II: Return of Samus – Surprisingly Robust

Week two of the March of Metroid means we should probably take a look at the second game in the series. An interesting decision was made for the sequel – to have it jump onto a portable console. Could a handheld of the era really pack in the sort of adventure worthy of the nameĀ Metroid? Released for the Game Boy in 1991, it’s Metroid II: Return of Samus!


… Admittedly, a much better subtitle than “Electric Boogaloo.”

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Metroid – Nostalgia Can Only Take You So Far

March, I’ve decided, shall be the glorious, the wonderful, the perfect, the March of Metroid! Every review this month will be of a game in the excellent Metroid series, which is perhaps my favouritest game series of all time. There’s so much to love, so much to enjoy, and well, we might as well get it started with the game that started it all – Metroid.

Metroid (USA)-4

From humble beginnings…

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