Zero Kirby. Not names taken from video game characters, no matter what your first impression is. I’ve been writing reviews and guides for quite a long time (though much of my older stuff is on GameFAQs and… not up to my standard anymore), and have also dabbled in Let’s Play. I just love video games, I love talking about them, I love discussing what makes them tick.

You might be surprised, if you only know me through this blog and have read some of my reviews already, to find out that I am not actually British. For the most part, however, I write like I am. It was through many years of communicating with British people through Skype and other online fora, this had gradually infected me with the “spelling color with a u” virus. It had progressed to the point where I changed my spell-checker to British English because I was tired of all the red lines, which only exacerbated the problem because now it’s affecting other words I had no idea would be affected…

Suffice to say if I ever uploaded a video review with my voice, you would easily tell that I am a fake ponce trying to seem more cultured than I actually am through my text. (It genuinely was a complete accident, my typing voice changing. I really don’t know how it happened after nearly twenty years of writing in American English, but there you go.)

Anyway, that’s besides the point. I hope you enjoy your visit, I hope you enjoy the reviews.


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