All screenshots seen in my blog were taken by me, either through an in-game application (such as Miiverse on Nintendo consoles), or through a capture device. Using them is okay. I’m not too concerned about game screenshots anybody else with enough time on their hands could just recreate. Credit’s nice but it’s up to you. The original game is copyrighted to its creator. All game-related imagery is utilized under Fair Use for critical purposes.

Review text is copyright to me, Zero Kirby, as of its posting. If you wish to quote my reviews, please give me credit! Plagiarism is bad. Don’t do it. I don’t need you to cite it like a college bibliography (Stupid Idiot, some dumb blog about video games) but a note that I wrote it originally would be cool.

Though, I prefer linking to my blog if you’re going to quote me directly, so that readers can read said quote in its original context. Context is important.

Just as well, if I wind up directly quoting other people, their works will be cited and linked to. It’s only fair.