Metroid Prime – Space Jump

I forgot to do it last year, so I’m makin’ up for it this year – it’s March, and that means it’s time to bring on the March of Metroid! Two years ago, I did the main series of games, from the original NES classic to the unfortunate Wii garbage fire. And while it’s true that I do love me some classic 2D Metroid, if you asked me what my favourite out of the whole series actually was… well, even though that’s still a hard question to answer, it’s definitely one of the 3D ones we’re looking at this month.

But truly, everything I love about the series is perfectly encapsulated in the Nintendo GameCube release, Metroid Prime.


Cripes, even the title screen is just awesome…

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F-Zero GX – You Lose

Gamers seem to often have a slight masochistic bend to them. What with the popularity of games like Dark Souls and the like, which sell themselves on the fact that you will die, and you will die a lot. While F-Zero GX didn’t really sell itself on that, it is quite possibly the Dark Souls of racing games.


Are you prepared to play the game? The dare’s the only price for fame…

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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door – Surprise After Surprise

Boy, look at me, reviewing almost nothing but good Nintendo games. It’s almost like I’m a huge fan of the company after growing up with a Nintendo system in my house for pretty much my whole memorable life. Ever since Super Mario World all the way back on the Super Nintendo (sorry, eighties-kids, I was raised on 16-bits), I’ve loved video games. And Mario games! So let’s talk about what is probably my favorite Mario game of all – Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Flat in style, wide in scope.

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